Très Chic Mama Diaries: Christina at 39 weeks

by TRESCHICMAMA on April 23, 2012 · 12,961 comments

Hello! This is Christina from Proper Hunt! With my due date fast approaching (May 5th!), I’ve been trying to do as much as I can to get prepared for the day when I say, “honey, I think it’s time we head to the hospital.”  I’ve taken care of loads of Victoria’s laundry, purchased a nursing bra to pack in my hospital bag for when we return home (quite difficult to do since you don’t know what size you’ll be after the delivery), and the diaper bag is all set to go.

Truth be told, out of all of the items on my to-do list, actually choosing a diaper bag was the hardest thing to do.  I’ll tell you why.  My husband and I couldn’t agree on one that we would both be comfortable with.  He decided early on that he didn’t want his own “manly” diaper bag, mainly because he works from home most days so the need wasn’t really there for a second one.  Unfortunately for me, this meant that he would get a say in the one diaper bag we would be getting.

After a lot of back and forth on several different types of diaper bags (I admit I was being quite picky), we compromised (we weren’t getting anywhere with veto’ing each other’s picks).  The compromise was that we get a not-so-girly Marc Jacobs diaper bag (Steve’s choice was the all black version), but that I get to choose the print it comes in.  SO, the Marc Jacobs Pretty Eliz-A-Baby Print in Normandy Blue Multi was the winner!  I knew that I wanted a bag that was somewhat unique in terms of the print, and this one of a puma (or some kind of mountain cat) totally fit the bill.  It’s not cheesy like your stereotypical diaper bag, which was my biggest concern, but rather it’s quite stylish.

I’ve always wanted a Marc Jacobs bag and figured that if this was the only way I was going to get one, then I am all for it. Dress is from TJMaxx by a brand called “Soprano”. Gotta love TJMaxx because the dress was only $24.99 and it’s not even a maternity dress. I figured I can wear it after I give birth and get the most use out of it. Similar here /p>


Marc Jacobs Pretty Eliz-A-Baby Print in Normandy Blue Multi



Love the black & white print lining.

The ever important changing pad.



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If I could have more than one diaper bag, then I’d most certainly pick one of these. Wouldn’t you?