Très Chic Mama Diaries: Maryam at 26 weeks

by TRESCHICMAMA on April 18, 2012 · 8,715 comments

Hello all you chic mamas! I am Maryam from Milk-Friendly, a blog where I share style inspirations for today’s hip breastfeeding mom and mom-to-be.  I am super excited to be a part of the Très Chic Mama Diaries and since I live on the North Shore of Oahu, I hope to shower you with as much tropical chic as this mother of two possibly can.

Having to keep up with my two rambunctious, outdoorsy boys Coral (3 ½) and Sky (2) you’d think that style wouldn’t necessarily be at the top of this 26 week pregnant lady’s list. But let me tell you, I believe that pregnancy shouldn’t inhibit your fashion choices in the least. At best, this is the ultimate time to embrace the woman inside and show off that bump as much as you can …and sometimes that means you get to wear a super form-fitting dress with bright horizontal stripes.

Now usually when I am maternity shopping, I try and only buy things that will transition easily into the post-pregnancy life with baby and the number one question I ask myself is- “Can I breastfeed in this?” If the answer is no, it gets vetoed. BUT this dress, at a whopping $14.90 from Forever 21 just couldn’t be overlooked. And so many of the body-conscious dresses out there are super comfy and a fantastic way to flaunt what you got while it’s still a beautiful baby bump and not the post-baby pooch. So I say- show it off while you can ladies!!

This is a special time mamas, so embrace that amazing, growing gift you have inside and let your radiance shine!

With all my love,


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Since Hawaiian-style living here on the North Shore is very, I mean very laidback, my accessories have been extremely minimal. I like to wear just one boldish accessory piece like a wrist full of thrifted and handmade bangles and pair it with some comfy but interesting sandal flats like these knotted Lucky Penny’s from Anthropologie.

Handmade Hex Bracelet. Similar Sandals.