jet setter mama

by TRESCHICMAMA on July 15, 2011 · 8,793 comments

If there was ever a time when you could indulge in total luxury travel, it’s now that you are expecting. Whether you’re traveling business or coach is irrelevant because today’s 10 jet set must-haves will make you feel like you’re flying in first class! Start out your ensemble with a pair of designer yoga pants that are anything but common (3), a basic white tank (7) and a thin knit sweater (5). Layer with a soft scarf to fight away the high altitude AC temps (9), and finish off with a pair of cute colorful flats (1). Take with you a big carry-all tote (8) (baby alert: you will use this one item over and over again once your sweet little one arrives to this world) and put inside all your necessities including a stylish Missoni inspired travel wallet for passport et al (4) and a chic iPad cover for your fave gadget (10). Your luggage should be as fashionable as you, so pick one with a fun print in bold color (6). Last but not least, wear the of-the-moment cat eye shades to step down the plane in jaw dropping style (2). Von voyage!!


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